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  • Testimonials

    • You Guys are Trending
      -Mark Zuckerberg

    • RCHQ found me then domesticated me. Not happy about it, but what’s a squatch to do?
      – Bigfoot

    • … you’ve got my Vote …
      -Sarah Palin

    • … you guys were right … Chicks do dig Bowlers and RC guys
      – Lance Romance

    • … I’ve learned a lot since I started shopping here …
      – Warren Buffett

    • … I like this hobby … it keeps me calm … everyone likes it when I’m calm …
      Samuel L. Jackson

    • RCHQ is the one who knocks
      – Walt

    • … they are honest …
      – Abe

    • … never thought of it that way. Thanks RCHQ+ …
      – Al

    • Borka, borka, borka!
      -Swedish Chef

    • The staff at RCHQ taught me what the meaning of is is.
      – William Jefferson Clinton

    • You guys are Winners
      – charlie

    • … burnt my toast again … oops, sorry thought this was twitter
      – bored

    • My kids really enjoy watching the races; best part is it’s Free!
      – a model parent

    • I’m a dork and @ RCHQ I’m treated like one. I like that.
      – A. Dork

    • … what happened to Stevaroo he was my role model ,,,
      – Joe Dirt

    • … bought a RC Rat for Mr. Wiskers to play with; it gave him a heart attack. Now he’s in the freezer waiting to be cryogenically regenerated. I even got a refund … they are such nice boys
      – The Cat Lady

    • Never been a fan of swine, but Jerame has me eating it all the time now
      -Kid Capri

    • … my wife bought me a monster truck for my birthday. She went on and on about how helpful Eliott was …
      – anonymous

    • … these guys are the bomb. Especially Robbie, I want to have his baby …
      – Jen

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