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  • 1RC Super Oval Racing

    Starts at 6:00pm Open to all ages and skill levels.

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  • Texas VS California: Unfinished Business

    Wanted: Dead or Alive (but mostly alive) Mini-Z Racers to Attend or Last Big Event of the Year. We’ll be gettin-about-settlin’ some scores we reckon.Don’t have to be from Out West to attend, we’ll host you outlaws from anywhere.Saddle Up and mosey on down to RCHQ on November 13th!Rolling Oaks Mall

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  • Mini-Z Racing

    Running our normal Mini-Z club racing program this Saturday at Noon. Everyone is welcome and we have race cars in stock at the mall for only $175.00 Entry fee is $20 All skill levels and all ages are welcome

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  • Tiny Whoop Racing at the Disco

    We’re going to do some Friday Tiny Whoop Drone racing this Friday Night. Racing starts at 7:00pm and there is a $10 entry fee.

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  • Cosmic Mini-Z Racing

    That’s right, we’re turning off the lights and turning up the Vibe! The Music will be pumping and the Lights will be Jumpin’. You don’t want to miss this one! We’ll run one qual and a main to keep it short and get everyone home at a good time. Entry fee is $15 for first, […]

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  • List Racing

    We established San Antonio’s Top 10 list in September. Now it’s time for some callouts and for the racers that weren’t at the first race to get on the list. Rules are simple: Must be a 1/10 car with tires inside the body. 3s Battery limit. Racing starts at 7:00

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  • Just Race

    This is our first Mini-Z race where the qualifiers are heads up racing and not racing the clock.

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  • The List

    San Antonio Need’s it’s Own Drag Racing List.

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  • Tiny Whoop Drone Racing

    We have an awesome place to race indoors now. The track get’s better everytime we do it. These events are open to everyone at all skill levels and is the perfect way to get started in drone racing. Entry fee is $10 per person.

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  • Mini-Z Mini Series!

    Series of 4 races with 1 drop. Race dates are: Saturday June 9th – The track opens at 11am, racing at noon. Saturday June 23rd – The track opens at 11am, racing at noon. Saturday February 6th – The track opens at 11am, racing at noon. Sunday February 21st – The track opens at 10am, […]

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