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  • We Purchase & Consign Used RC Vehicles and Parts

    Got an old car laying around?  Turn it into cash! Been checkin’ out the latest and greatest new RC vehicle?  Trade in your old car for it! Paying a premium for a new RC isn’t in the budget?  Buy one of our used cars, planes, or helicopters. Whatever your needs, RCHQ’s RC Exchange is here to […]

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  • Online Marketplace

    Avast ye Scallywags, is it time for some Buying – Looting – Selling – Raiding – Trading – Pillaging or Plundering?   Well than, we’ve got just the site for ya. Seriously, we do a lot of used business and couldn’t be any more frustrated with trying to buy and sell used stuff online.   Like […]

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  • Save Big Money Yo

    Our Loyalty Points reward you with every single purchase.  It’s a very simple program that doesn’t require anything other than your name and phone number.  1% of everything you buy goes into your account and can be used for future purchases.  While 1% doesn’t seem like much,  the savings add up real quick, just ask […]

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  • About Us

    We’re Kind of a Big Deal!  A brief and interesting story of who we are and how we came to be. Our Hobby Shop opened up in San Antonio, Texas sometime around 2002 as Toys 4 Big Boys.  While it was a somewhat fun name you could get a chuckle out of, it was silly, […]

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