About Us

We’re Kind of a Big Deal!  A brief and interesting story of who we are and how we came to be.

Our Hobby Shop opened up in San Antonio, Texas sometime around 2002 as Toys 4 Big Boys.  While it was a somewhat fun name you could get a chuckle out of, it was silly, not very descriptive, way overused, and almost impossible to find online.  I wouldn’t advise Googling it!  Beside, we have women for customers too.

T4BB logo 2

Our name changed to Radio Control Headquarters, or  RCHQ in 2007 under the store’s current ownership.  We’ve been deliberately slow in adopting the ways of the online world and enjoy our role as a Local hobby shop and an active part of the community.   The traditions of  the hobby run deep in us and we work very hard at helping people have a good time.  It’s a great feeling to help parents get the kids to put down the video game controller and head outside, or give anyone that’s bored and looking for something to do to find a constructive, clean, and affordable pastime.  Looking for a diversion?  Yup, that’s what we do.  Want something new and fun to look forward to doing on the weekend?  This is the right place.     … and if we make enough money to pay our employees and stay in business while we’re at it … all the better!


In 2011 we purchased the remainder of 2nd Chance Hobbies and launched ourselves into the Model Airplane business and our fun has been airborne ever since.

There’s a whole lot more things of interest, hopefully a few smiles, and a lot of information about our beloved pastime on this website and we hope you enjoy yourself while you browse and check back in with us often.