Because Doc Said So Series

The Most Popular RC Racing Series in San Antonio returns this year for the 3rd time.

Noon Start

5 Races – 2 drops. 

October 4th

November 1st

November 15th

November 29th

December 6th

4WD Short Course
2WD Short Course
Sportsman Buggy
Expert Buggy
Electric Buggy
Sportsman Electric Buggy
1/10 Truck
Smallish Buggy

1-3 given in all classes and presented at the RCHQ New Years Eve Party. That’s 27 chances to get an award!

3 Pts per Place – 100 for 1st, 97 for 2nd, 94 for 3rd etc
2 Pts attendance per Race – Max of 10pts
2 drop races – finals are regular points

Classes may be run together during the races (split where possible), ie if the Buggies all run together – the 1st sportsman buggy will get 100 pts even if he finished 5th in the race.

This should be a good opportunity for the locals who can’t travel to participate in a series. Hopefully there will be a few more turn out during these races which should be good for people not participating in the series as well. Should be a win/win.


It took awhile, but we got the last race done!  Here are the Final Resuls:

RCHQ’s Because Doc Said So Series 2014 Final Results


Sorry it took so long, but your hard-earned trophies are in.  We think they’re worth the wait.  Stop by and pick yours up next time your around the store