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9/20/18, 3:15pm, Robbie Allen Wrote:  Here’s some big news.  Both of the tracks are FREE on Thursday.  See: Click Here For Big News

9/14/18, 4:11pm, Robbie Allen Wrote:  Flat Track racing is canceled for tonight.  Too much rain!

8/01/18, 11:06am, Robbie Allen Wrote:  Time to rock the off-road track with some WXE tonight!

7/20/18, 11:23am, Robbie Allen Wrote:  Flat Track racing is on for tonight.  We’ll start getting the “extra crispy” track ready this afternoon and should have it open by 6:00.  Going to be hot today, but the evenings have been pretty nice, so join us for a fun evening of summertime racing.

7/16/18, 5:24pm, Robbie Allen Wrote:  The first evening 2″ FPV race went well.  We switched it from Saturday when it got Africa Hot outside.  The camera on the Torrent, combined with just the right amount of ambient lighting.  We weren’t sure how it would go, but 7 pilots showed up ready to race and  we had a great time.  Doing it again this week (7/17/18).

7/16/18, 5:10pm, Robbie Allen Wrote:  The off-road track was rockin’ last weekend.  I think we ended up with 36+ entries, which is a great turnout for a weekend club race.  It was round 3 of the Hot Summer Nights race;  the vibe was good, and the track was nearly perfect.  Cannot thank Pete Polchert enough for all the hard work he puts into the track.  I tried out a TLR 8ight 4.0 for the first time and loved it.  Much better than the ill-handling Xray I’ve been running in nitro buggy.  Looking for to the “X” coming s

07/11/18, 11:17pm, Robbie Allen Wrote: A lot of racing going on today.  FPV Tiny Whoop will be a BlackJack FPV and WXE off-road racing on the big track.

7/03/18, 1:35pm, Robbie Allen Wrote:   The Track and Store will be close 4th of July.

6/15/18, 12:45pm, Robbie Allen Wrote:   Just announced the 2018 Hot Summer Nights Series!  See Race News and Calendar for details.

6/11/18, 10:30am, Robbie Allen Wrote:  The Flat-Track is going strong this Summer.  Come on out and give it a try!

1/11/17, 9:14pm, Robbie Allen Wrote:  The weather has really been messing up our weekends … it’s either cold, rainy, or both and haven’t been able to get any racing done on Friday Nights and Saturdays for awhile now.  We’ll get the event schedule and race calendar updated very soon.  Have some great things planned for ’17, so stand by for news!


10/19/16, 1:15pm, Robbie Allen Wrote:  Back to daytime racing starting this weekend.

In case you didn’t get it (this is a parody):










09/02/16, 9:02am, Robbie Allen Wrote:  We were rained out on Wednesday, so we decided to run a Friday Night Program!  2 quals and a main, all classes.  If you can’t make it in time call the store and we’ll get you signed up (210 651-0435)

08/20/16, 12:02pm, Robbie Allen Wrote:  No Racing due to Rain.  We will race Saturday 8/27/16

08/19/16, 4:02pm, Robbie Allen WroteTrack is drying out for all the rain.  We had quite a it of washout, but I’ve seen it worse.  We are still planning on racing tomorrow 8/20/16 at 6:00pm if it doesn’t rain again.

08/17/16, 10:24am, Robbie Allen WroteWe’re running the off-road track in “Summer” mode right now.  Really is too hot to be out there in the daytime for much more than an hour or two.  See our Calendar for race dates:  RCHQ Racing Calendar

Wednesday Night Racing is business as usual, except race fees are now $15 for the 1st Entry, $10 for each additional entry or family member

Saturday Night Racing is every other week starting at 6:00PM until around 10:00PM.  Entries fees are $20 for 1/8 Scale and $15 for 1/10 Scale, each additional entry fee or family member is $10

Friday Night Lights is ever other week on the weekends that we’re not racing.  We turn on the lights and keep things going until around 10:00PM to help get you out of the heat and to have some fun practicing and working on your setup with your friends.

The new layout is fun and has only been in for a couple of weeks now.  It’s fast and much easier than our last layout, so come on out and give it a try!

Click the picture to see a larger view







10/12/15, 8:24am, Robbie Allen Wrote:  Track rebuild starts today.  We have a small group coming out to remove the pipes and most of today will be spent moving dirt with the Bobcat so we probably won’t need to much help.  Tomorrow we’ll start rolling a building the jumps so we’ll need some help then for sure.  Keep you post on our progress.

8/05/15, 6:24am, Robbie Allen Wrote:  We’re starting up a Friday Night practice session this weekend and will run it every other week (on the weekends we’re not racing), so you guys can get out of the heat and run on the track until 10:00pm.  We’ll be watering it so you can practice in what will be similar to normal Saturday night conditions.  Entry fee is only $5.00 to help pay for the gas and water.  Come on out!

7/20/15, 11:24am, Robbie Allen Wrote:  I’ve cleared the calendar of Saturday (daytime) races and we’re going into a reduced weekend schedule for the remainder of the Summer.   Attendance and interest is at an all time low and I haven’t really received any feedback from anyone other than “it’s hot,” and “I’ve been busy.”  We’ll just let things hang for now and host some select races over the course of the summer.  We do have a night race scheduled for August 1st, starting at 7:00 (2 quals and 1 main).

We have a lot of other things we’re looking forward to doing over the Summer like flying, boat racing, rockets, kites, FPV racing, and other hobby stuff to pack our weekends with fun, and of course you are welcome to join us for this as well.  We’ll keep you  posted and keep the calendar updated as we add more upcoming events (probably a few more night races).  WXE will continue as normal.  Stay Cool!


7/6/15, 7:24pm, Robbie Allen Wrote:  Well gang it’s officially “Africa Hot” outside so we’re switching to summertime hours this weekend 7/11/2015.  Signup opens at 9:45 and runs until 10:45.  Driver’s Meeting is at 11:00AM, and racing starts right after the meeting.  The goal is to run a full program and have racing done by the time it really starts getting hot in the afternoon (3:00 or so).  If you’re running late, no worries, we’ll start without you and add you into the 2nd round of qualifiers.


5/1/15, 9:24pm, Robbie Allen Wrote:  New track is done!  I think it came out real nice.  I tried to stay away from the motocross influence and build this one more for trucks and buggies.  Didn’t get to run on it much, but it feels like it has a lot of continuity and flow to it.  Hope you all enjoy it.











5/1/15, 9:09am, Robbie Allen Wrote:  Track is coming out real nice, ran a couple of no pipe laps with both and 1/8 and 1/10 buggy and it has a nice flow to it.  Feels fast too!

I’d like to thank everyone that helped out with this layout, and a special thank you to the RCHQ employees.  They really stepped up and helped me with this one and it was great to be out there working with the team.  Sometimes these builds can grind on for awhile (2nd week on this one due to rain).  Most times I’ll work on the track until it gets dark and then have to go in and do my other jobs, so it really means a lot have them helping me and keeping my work days/nights shorter.  Shout out to Chad Cole, Jeff Moore, and Doc Huffman for putting in multiple days.


4/29/15, 10:23am, Robbie Allen Wrote:  Got started again yesterday afternoon.  Damage wasn’t too bad from the rain and we spent most of the afternoon just cleaning things up.  Still a bit wet to do any detail work, but today will be the day to get the rest of the jumps built and dirt in it’s place as it dries out.

We should have the layout done tonight, conditioning tomorrow (wetting/rolling), and then we’ll pipe it Friday evening about 5-6:00pm.  We’ll open the track up when we’re done for anyone that helped lay pipe, so grab a hammer and come on out Friday evening!


4/27/15, 12:29pm, Robbie Allen Wrote:  The track weathered the Texas monsoon season pretty well.   The plan is to let it sit and dry out all day today and get back on it tomorrow and start finishing it up.  Not sure what time tomorrow I’ll get started – depends on how well it dries out and when Gus brings the Bobcat back.


4/24/15, 09:33am, Robbie Allen Wrote:  The track got hammered with this mornings rain and they’re calling for another round tonight.  Race has definitely been moved to May 2nd.  We’ll try to get back to work on the track as soon as it dries out … maybe Monday.


4/23/15, 07:49am, Robbie Allen Wrote:  I was off today and had Eliott go check this track before I drove into town this afternoon.  This was his response:










Doug, got out there right before sunset and it was just too wet to work.  We’ll give it another try in the morning if the weather allows.  We should know pretty early tomorrow if the race is going to be postponed ’til next weekend (5/2/15).  I’ll keep you posted.


4/23/15, 10:20am, Robbie Allen Wrote:  The rain got us yesterday as I was building the last 2 jumps.  Track got a real good soaking – which it needed – but it stopped my progress for the day.  Hoping that it’ll dry out enough today to get out and roll it this afternoon, if so it’ll be soooo smooth for the electric race.

I’m definitely keeping my eye on the weather and we are pushing through with the build.  You just simply don’t know what’s going to happen in the part of the world – it hit the bulls eye on SA yesterday and missed most everywhere else.  I’ll do all I can to get this done.

There’s a lot of clay in our dirt and once it gets wet it’s too sticky to work with.  It builds up on your shoes so much you get an inch taller with every step you take and it’ll build up on the roller drums until it eventually gets stuck.

Thanks very much to Doc Huffman who’s taken a break from sawing on horses to come out every evening to help.


Chad Cole put in a good afternoon and got a lot done. Thanks Chad!

Chad Cole put in a good afternoon and got a lot done. Thanks Chad!











Some Knob in a Bobcat dug up the loop

Some Knob in a Bobcat dug up the loop










Cody (left) has been pitching in. The Viking (left) drew up the layout, sends texts, and stops by a couple times a day to intimidate me

Cody (left) has been pitching in. The Viking (other left) drew up the layout, sends texts, and stops by a couple times a day to intimidate me










Bobcat recommends we, "Avoid Death." Words to live by to be sure.

Bobcat recommends we, “Avoid Death.” Words to live by to be sure.










4/21/15, 09:17am, Robbie Allen Wrote:  Made some good progress yesterday, made a mess too!


Sunset over Nacogdoches








I cannot thank Dennis and Susan enough for letting me use their Bobcat, it’s such a nice piece of equipment.  And a huge shout out to Gary for the roller!  I still haven’t forgotten what it was like to build a track by hand.  I literally shoveled dirt into the truck, drove onto the track, scooped it out, then tamped it with the back of a shovel to build the jumps.  Those were the days …


The Hard Way









4/20/15, 09:03am, Robbie Allen Wrote:  New track and Layout going in the week.  We’re getting started today.  Track should be closed all week,  not sure when we’ll get it opened back up, it depends on how things go this week.   I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

Dirt’s here


Dirt, Glorious Dirt!!









3/30/15, 12:37pm, Robbie Allen Wrote:  Electric Boogaloo 6 is scheduled for April the 25th, Mark your calendars!


3/6/2015, 1:52, Robbie Allen Wrote:  Got out and fixed the back section of the track this morning.  We left the layout pretty much the same, but opened it up so the lanes aren’t so tight and its easier to carry some speed through the section back by Hamburger Hill.  Also rolled it and cleaned up some of the areas from the rain.  We are racing tomorrow!


12/6/2014, 7:03pm, Robbie Allen Wrote:  Haven’t been around the track much the last month or two.  Been real busy prep’n for the Holidays and getting the new e-commerce site ready.   We’ve rescheduled the rained-out round of the BDSS series to December 27th and it’s on the Calendar .  I know some of you will be away, but those of us still around are going to have some dogs, other track food, and make a little Holiday Party out of it!


10/20/2014, 6:35pm, Robbie Allen wrote:  Well gang, we’re back to normal Saturday Racing at Noon.  Quite a few things have changed and we need to post up what’s different, but first I’d like to share this with you:

We’ve held thousands of races at RCHQ, but I finally got a chance to experience my first professional race when TRC hosted the Nats earlier this year.  The truggy main was 45 minutes of  wheel-to-wheel action with almost no contact at all.  It was the cleanest racing I’d ever seen, the way I had always imagined it to be when the top-level guys drove, and the way I hoped maybe someday I’d learn how to drive.

Eliott and I were standing by the fence watching the whole thing unfold.   It’s Ty Tessman and Dakotah Phend 1st and 2nd.  It comes down to the very last lap, then the very last corner,  Tessman hits Phend, spins him out, and has a pretty clear shot  down the front straight for his 3rd consecutive National Championship!  And what does he do?  That’s right, he does what we’re all suppose to do and waits until Phend is marshaled.  He finishes second.

Tessman had thousand of dollars at stake, hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line for his sponsors, endorsements, and all the incentives we only dream about … and he just simply waited.

While most of us will never race at this level, we can all still learn from the “real” fast guy’s example.  Especially those of you that run Expert.  I have always done my best to be a patient, considerate driver; so much so that I get teased about it.  It’s difficult for me to understand some of the things I see at our club races when absolutely nothing is at stake.  Watching this race (and the buggy main after it) has only served to strengthen my resolve that driving clean and sportsman-like is how it’s suppose to be done!


10/6/2014, 4:15pm, Robbie Allen wrote:  Good News!  We are resuming our normal Saturday Racing Program.  Signup closes at 11:30am, Racing starts at Noon.  See the Calendar for dates and times.


9/17/2014, 11:38am, Robbie Allen wrote:  As of this morning the track is dry and we’re planning on racing tonight.  Weatherman is calling for increased showers over the afternoon, but your guess is as good as mine if any of them will hit the track.  Check this page or the calender for updates.


9/17/2014, 11:24am,  Robbie Allen wrote:  We are taking the next couple of Saturdays (9/20 & 9/27) off from Saturday Racing.  Weather permitting, the track will be open during business hours for practice and general track fun.  Racing will resume on 10/4/2014 starting at Noon.


9/5/2014, Robbie Allen wrote: Saturday Racing has been temporarily suspended for the month of September.  Why?  Well … here’s the best I can do to answer that question:

First.  We simply need a break.  September is historically an off month for racing so it seemed like a good time.

Fun.  When I got into this about 10 years ago the race track had about 10-12 serious racers showing up each weekend – that was it.  I quickly discovered that if the program was to survive we would have to change the way we do things and make it more inviting for the newcomers.  There are only a finite number of individuals that want to do this and it’s not for everyone.  People quit and move on to other things and without new racers constantly coming out to race we could not sustain the business.

Even though this is how I make my living, I remain in this for the fun, not just mine, but primarily for your enjoyment.  Track owners work every weekend, holidays, and put in some incredible hours, most of the time for little-to-no money.  We do it because we’re passionate about our pastime and nothing (and I mean nothing) kills my enjoyment more than watching someone lose it, or worse yet direct their discontentment at me or my race directors.

Lately.  We’ve gotten a bit off track and things are going in a direction that I do not approve of.  RCHQ is a Christian, Family business and we enjoy casual club racing.  I’ll do something a bit out of the norm and share our mission statement with you:

  • Provide an environment where our customers are free to play, be with their friends, have fun, compete, laugh, and escape from whatever needs to be escaped from.
  • Give them something to look forward to.
  • A community where dorks can be cool, cool people can be dorks, and everyone fits in.

As you might imagine, in the business world this is not always easy to do.  People can be … well, people, and when you put your heart into something you risk being hurt by the very individuals you are trying to help.  I’ve often heard it said that owners are thin-skinned and it doesn’t take much to upset us; wrong, it is in fact just the opposite.  It’s not just one thing, but rather a accumulation of years of comments, complaints, anger, suggestions, tirades, and blame shifting that can really take a toll.

We Quit.  Hosting large races years ago because they tend to bring out a type of racing that we don’t really like.  Most tracks want large serious races.  Me? Not so much.  Hyper-aggression, anger, yelling, selfishness, lack of respect, bad attitudes, and rough driving are most often the result … or at least from my experience anyway, and it’s certainly not my idea of fun.  I can’t possibly image how many potential racers (and customers) have been run off by witnessing some of this stuff   There are plenty of places for people to go to participate in this type of racing, but we prefer to keep it light, low-key, and different.

Enthusiast.  The new people are what makes it work and what makes it worthwhile.  They are easy to please, they need and appreciate our help, they bring new energy and excitement, and they are just simply having a good time.

You’re Invited.  To join us anytime.  But please understand, as we renew our racing program, you must bring something essential with you.  What I am asking for is respect.  Not just respect for the rules, for our business and for the people that make it happen, but mostly for each other.  Be good to one another!  We are all about a casual good time with friends and family, and we will not stand for anything else.