What’ll it Be?

After nearly a decade, Spec Racing returns to RCHQ!  Pick your Manufacturer – Team Losi or Team Associated, and the key word is Team.  That’s right, we’re going to keep score and will be awarding some Valuable Store Credit to everyone one on the Winning Manufacturer’s Team.

A bunch of Both model cars are on their way to the store as we speak, so you’ll be able to grab your favorite, get it setup, and then start showing off your superior driving skills on a level playing field.

Details to come, so get excited, and stay tuned.


First thing we need to do is start putting together our teams.  You In?  If so, which Car?

  • Team Losi

    Robbie Allen
    John Schneider

  • Team Associated

    Eliott Martinez
    Will Moldenhauer

We had about 5 of them run last Wednesday night and it’s going to be good.  The one thing for sure is so far Team Losi is a much better looking team.