Intergalactic Buggy Championship

It’s Time for our Biggest Race of the Year, the 5th annual Intergalactic Buggy Championship.  The IGBC features really large trophies and some of the best racing you’ll find anywhere.  We get a good crowd of racers from all over the area and the competition for these coveted trophies is fierce. We’re changing up track for this one.

Trophy classes

1/8 Buggy 60″ First Place Trophy
1/8 Sportsman Buggy
1/10 2WD Buggy

1/10 4wd Buggy


Practice starts at 9:00am Signup Closes at 11:30am and Racing Starts at Noon Anyone who has not signed up by 11:30 will miss the first Qualifier Track should be open Friday evening, not sure what time, but as early as possible.

Entry fees for trophy classes are:

$25 for Each Trophy Class.

Normal club fees apply for all non-trophy classes

Race Format

3 qualifiers (rocket rounds) At least 7 minute mains.  30 minutes for Expert Buggy. (we’ll go over options in the driver’s meeting)

Other Details

We supply House Transponders for anyone without a personal transponder at no extra charge.  We have RC4 hybrid transponders for sale in the store. Power is limited in the pits and some racers are very good about sharing their power.  Bring a generator if you have one, or plan to charge from your car battery or jump box.  We do have a spare generator in the store, so if you’re in a jam for power let us know and we can work something out. We transmit on FM, so bring along a FM radio if you’d like to be able to hear more clearly (we don’t blast our PA). All other classes are welcome to run and normal entry fee apply.