1/10 Scale Nats

After the Huge RC Pro Race, it’s time to give the 1/10 Scale Cars some Love.  This one is for the growing Small Buggies,  both 1/10 2wd and 1/10 4wd.  And it’s the one time a year that we can get the 1/10 Gas Trucks Out.

All classes will run, but the 1/10 cars will be the feature.

We call it the 1/10 Scale Nationals because it sounds good and makes us feel important; more accurately it’s probably closer to the North East San Antonio Nationals.

We have a lot of 1/10 Buggies for an outdoor off-road track from the Wednesday night program. This is their day! And for any of you from out of town that want to run on a big track where you can stretch your car out some, we urge you to join us. It’s pretty cool to have a bunch of 1/10 together like the old days (thus the throwback flyer).

We rent a roller and get the track super-smooth, keep it nice and tacky, and fast for the smaller cars.

Trophy Presentation immediately following event!