Nitro Up 2016

It is Time to Make Some Noise, Our Yearly Nitro Feature is Coming Up! Don’t have a Nitro? Well, there’s still plenty of time to buy one, or new for this year we’re letting the Electric run too.

The Format:

There will be no Expert or Sportsman in each class, everyone runs together for an equal chance to get to the A-Mains and only the top 12 from Qualifying will advance. There will be no Bump-ups.

2 Qualifiers – Top 20 automatically transfer to the A main

LCQ will be for the next 12 Qualifiers (11th-22nd), only the top 2 transfer to spots number 11and 12 for the A.

Field will be inverted for the Second A Main.  Example: whoever gets 1st place in the first A will start 12th in the 2nd one.  2nd place will start 11th, etc..

A-Main will be two either 20 or 30 Minute Mains*

B-Main will be two 15 Minute Mains

C-Main will be two 10 Minute Mains

So you’ll still get in a lot of racing even if you don’t make the A.

We’ll also be running Nitro Truggy and Gas Trucks

Electrics will run 2 quals and Double A Mains also, just no LCQ (shouldn’t be needed)

*Absolutely fantastic format … but had some trouble getting people to marshal for the longer double mains.  I (Robbie) ended up marshaling for over 3 hours last year and if racers are unwilling to marshal again this year the mains will be shortened up.  Comments welcome…