Blade Inductrix FPV Brushless

This little gem has been out for about 2 weeks now and didn’t initially sell as well as I expected.  Seriously, I think a lot of people just don’t understand what we have here.  We still believe the largest obstacle for FPV is a finding a beginner level drone that lowers the buy-in cost and the reduces the high learning curve.  This Inductrix fills that void as good as anything we’ve seen.  Especially when you consider the BNF is only $149.99

It flies a bit “big” for Tiny Whoop racing, but once I took it outside and flew around our 2 acres, I was amazed.  Never flown anything more effortless.  The wind was around 5-10 and the gust pushed it around a bit, it has limits due to how light it is, but it really surprised me how fast and easy it was to cover the area.  Range was good too and only started to fade at the extreme edges of the property. 

Keeping it light also will save on repairs, less mass, less breakage.

I’m keeping mine handy, and would have to say it’s currently my favorite FPV drone.