The List. Starting the 210 Drag Racing List!

We’ve been working on the format for populating “The List” this Saturday Night. We think we’ve come up with something pretty awesome.
But first, it’s open to any 1/10 drag car. It’s not A list, it’s The List, so run whatever you have, drive it well, and make history!
Okay, back to the format. Depending on attendance we can either run Single Elimination or Double Eliminations. Double is much cooler and provides a Loser Bracket that gives everyone another shot to advance, but we will end up with some ties that will force run-offs. Single’s are one and done, no ties and If we get done earlier we can start with call-outs right away.
Those of you that can’t make it, shame, but you will be able to track the scoring live from your phone or computer. Might even have a live video feed where you can cheer on your favorite driver (like Robbie).
Someone is going to get the Crown along with some other cool (secret) prizes, and the prestige of being on the 210 List. Excited? We are super excited!
There’s is a measly $5 entry fee to help pay for some of this, but remember, if you bought the car from us you can use your “Free Strip Pass” and use the $5 to buy a Buffalo Nickle, or a burger, maybe a case of water, put it toward your retirement, or buy something new from the store.
If you like, go ahead and let us know if you’re coming and we’ll get you in on the roster.
Do you have a cool 1:1 car or hotrod? Bring it out, we’d love to see it
Summer’s wrapping up soon, so let’s get out and enjoy it!