We Purchase & Consign Used RC Vehicles and Parts

Got an old car laying around?  Turn it into cash!

Been checkin’ out the latest and greatest new RC vehicle?  Trade in your old car for it!

Paying a premium for a new RC isn’t in the budget?  Buy one of our used cars, planes, or helicopters.

Whatever your needs, RCHQ’s RC Exchange is here to help.

Don’t know about you, but we’re tired of fleaBay.  You never know what your going to get until it arrives, the shipping charges are joke, and it’s one of the worst possible ways to buy a used RC car – especially if you’re new to the hobby!   Selling something is even worse.  People expect to get it for free (or close to it), everyone and their dog is selling RC stuff out there now and it’s hard to get noticed.  And then there are those fees, shipping hassles, feedback, questions, snipers, scammers …  it’s just a royal pain in the you-know-what.

Craigslist?  Sorry, too many weirdos and junk out there for our taste.

Maybe try a Pawn Store, but most of them don’t even know what hobby-grade RC’s are, or how they work, what condition they’re in, and what they are worth.

You can always buy and sell on the RC forums.  That is, if you like to bump your thread every morning, figure out how you’re going to pay or get paid, if you can pick it up or how much it is going to cost to box it up and ship it, who to trust, who not to trust, does he still have it … and on … and on…

Sounds like a hassle huh?  That’s because it really, really is.  Enter your new best friend, the RC Exchange.

If you’re selling,
 just throw your used stuff in the trunk or the bed of the family pickup, bring it to the RCHQ, and walk out with CASH.

If you’re buying,
 have the confidence that you are buying it from The Experts.  Listen to it run, see it, sniff it, squeeze it, fondle it (but not too much), kick the tires and know what your getting before you lay down your hard earned dollars.

If you’re trading,
 knock the price of that new car way down and walk out the door with your shiny new car, truck, plane, heli, buggy, truggy, monster truck, or whatever you chose.

If you’re consigning, for a modest fee you can bring it to a place where RC people will see it and our Pros will help you sell it.

Interested?  Give us a call or come by the store and lets work something out …. the easy way!