Certifiable Service

We are really good at this.  Most hobby stores sell a lot of general items and RC is just a part of it.  At RCHQ pretty much all we do is RC … so we’d better be good at it!  We prefer to stick with the major brands because they stand behind their products, they stand behind us, and that helps us stand behind you.  Horizon Hobby’s brands (ECX, Team Losi, Specktrum, etc.) and Traxxas are a couple of RC companies that come to mind that have amazing service.

There is cheaper stuff out there, we see a lot of it.  But selling disposable products doesn’t work too good around here.  There is nothing worse than selling a customer a defective or inferior product and have them come back with it and not being able to do anything about it because the company that made it is overseas.  We don’t have the autonomy of hiding behind a keyboard like the online guys.

The manufacturers warranty their products against defects, but once it’s been used it’s your problem.  It’s nice to have a live expert nearby who’ll help you get it going again.

  • Horizon Certified Partner


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