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  • Drone Safety 101

    So you just got that new drone and you can’t wait to fly it.  Wait!  We know you’re excited, but please read the directions and take a moment to watch this training video before you attempt to fly it.  No? Okay, go ahead and crash it, we have plenty of parts!

    Disclaimer: Professional drone pilot on a closed set. Do not attempt this at home, serious injury could occur. Wearing a flat top could increase your chances of extreme loneliness. Brown cows are very now. Don’t forget Mother’s Day this weekend. No animals were hurt in the shooting of this video (that we are aware of). No seriously, we didn’t do this for real, the video is reversed, Gus only has one working eye and we weren’t risking losing the other one.

    RCHQ does not condone the shameless plug of one’s fuel sponsors products

Have Fun!