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  • Off-Road Track is Closed

    After almost 20 years of service, we have permanently closed our off-road track. Over that time a lot changed in the industry and it was no longer viable for us to continue. However, there is good news. We are in the process of moving to our new Rolling Oaks Mall location and there will be […]

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  • Nitro & Electric This Wednesday

    The Nitro’s are getting a little love this Wednesday too.  Bring it on out and we’ll make a class and make some noise!

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  • Saturday Racing at Noon

    Daytime Racing Starts again this weekend and a Full Racing Program is here. Signup closes at 11:30 3  7-minute qualifiers 10-15 mains All Classes, Nitro and Electric For more details on our racing program please see:  RCHQ Racing Details

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  • Hidden Treasure

    Not having it in stock can be a Very Good Thing. The most common response we get when we ask a customer if we can order an out of stock item for them is, “why would I do that when I can order it myself?” Well … because there’s a lot of hidden value in […]

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  • Race Results

    So How’d You Do?   Race Results have moved here: RCHQ Race Results                    

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  • Flight Line

      Flying Model Airplanes in the San Antonio Area.  We have a group of pilots who plan on getting out and flying quite a bit in 2016.   We’re going to keep this page updated (along with our calender) with what we’re up to, so if you’d like to join us, read on!. Our gang […]

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  • Support Your LHS

    Hi, I’m Robbie the owner of Radio Control Headquarters (RCHQ).  If you have a minute and you enjoy this hobby, I’d like to tell you a quick story. I got started in this hobby when my nephews talked me into buying a pair of Nitro Stampede monster trucks.  We took them home, read the directions, […]

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