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  • Saturday Racing at Noon

    Daytime Racing Starts again this weekend and a Full Racing Program is here. Signup closes at 11:30 3  7-minute qualifiers 10-15 mains All Classes, Nitro and Electric For more details on our racing program please see:  RCHQ Racing Details

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  • Hidden Treasure

    Not having it in stock can be a Very Good Thing. The most common response we get when we ask a customer if we can order an out of stock item for them is, “why would I do that when I can order it myself?” Well … because there’s a lot of hidden value in […]

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  • Race Results

    So How’d You Do?   Race Results have moved here: RCHQ Race Results                    

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  • Flight Line

      Flying Model Airplanes in the San Antonio Area.  We have a group of pilots who plan on getting out and flying quite a bit in 2016.   We’re going to keep this page updated (along with our calender) with what we’re up to, so if you’d like to join us, read on!. Our gang […]

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  • Support Your LHS

    Hi, I’m Robbie the owner of Radio Control Headquarters (RCHQ).  If you have a minute and you enjoy this hobby, I’d like to tell you a quick story. I got started in this hobby when my nephews talked me into buying a pair of Nitro Stampede monster trucks.  We took them home, read the directions, […]

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