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  • New Class Intro Special!

    Are you ready for some Hobby Therapy! Spec Short Course Racing is coming to RCHQ on Our Newly Expanded Track! Off-Road, On-Road, or Super Oval, the New Mojave Grom is the Latest Platform to Hit the Carpet! Easy to drive, fast, durable, legit, and realistic, this truck is a hoot to wheel around the track. […]

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  • A Hot New Plane for Beginners

    I had a chance to maiden Horizon’s new “No Experience Required” RC airplane today. It’s called the HobbyZone AeroScout and I think they’ve created the perfect 1st Timer airplane. My grandsons don’t know it yet, but this is their new trainer airplane (neither of them have flown yet). It’s very to easy assemble, comes equipped […]

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  • Blade Switch

    We have the perfect item for the ambivalent hobbyist. Can’t decide if you want a Drone or a Hovercraft? You don’t have to; the Blade Inductrix Switch is here!  At only $79.99 it’s going to be a great Holiday Gift.  

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  • Vaterra Camaros

      Good looking Scale Car at a Great Price.  Only $219.99.  We haven’t run one yet, but Horizon’s estimates the speed to be in the 25mph range with a 2s Lipo.  New for Vaterra with this model is it DOES NOT come with a Battery and Charger, but instead they recommend buying one of their […]

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  • Best Basher in the Store Award!

    Okay … so the Arrma Outcast has been out awhile, but it’s still every bit as fun as the first day we started beating on it.   I’ve been rough on it, seriously rough on it, and demo it every chance I get.  What better way to show a potential new owner than to drop […]

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  • Blade Inductrix FPV Brushless

    This little gem has been out for about 2 weeks now and didn’t initially sell as well as I expected.  Seriously, I think a lot of people just don’t understand what we have here.  We still believe the largest obstacle for FPV is a finding a beginner level drone that lowers the buy-in cost and […]

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