Hidden Treasure

Not having it in stock can be a Very Good Thing. The most common response we get when we ask a customer if we can order an out of stock item for them is, “why would I do that when I can order it myself?” Well … because there’s a lot of hidden value in having us order it for you.
First, often times it’s cheaper to order from us. If we don’t have the additional cost of stocking it, we can pass those savings on to you, and we are not constrained by our vendors MAP pricing like the online guys. You pay no shipping and we order 5 days a week, so your item arrives promptly.
Second, buying local supports your local hobby community, the San Antonio economy, and helps us keep our jobs. Even if you don’t need our help, many still do. Think of it as a way of giving something back.
Finally, picking it up at the store means you get to hang out with us and your fellow hobby enthusiast some more. Your Local Hobby Shop can be kind of a fun place!