A Hot New Plane for Beginners

I had a chance to maiden Horizon’s new “No Experience Required” RC airplane today. It’s called the HobbyZone AeroScout and I think they’ve created the perfect 1st Timer airplane. My grandsons don’t know it yet, but this is their new trainer airplane (neither of them have flown yet).

It’s very to easy assemble, comes equipped with the new Smart Battery/Charger and all the latest SAFE technology. Seriously, it can’t get much easier than this to learn how to fly!

It’s not the prettiest airplane I’ve seen, but if the goal is to get up in the air, cruise around, and then land in one piece, this is the place to start. Then once you get comfortable, switch SAFE (training wheels) off and rip around; it’s quite aerobatic!

Stop by the store and check it out if you’re interested, we have them in stock. Or I’ll be taking it to the field or park with me from here on out and I’ll let you try it! -Robbie

Bigger than it looks
Has some weight to it for fighing the wind and large wheels to roll on gravel and grass fields
Flying it one handed while taking a picture
Look Ma, no hands
Small enough to fit in the trunk of an average size sedan