The Ranch @ Rolling Oaks Mall

An area to chill and run our RC off-road cars. All cars and crawlers are allowed.

It is only open every other Wednesday night. Please check our calendar for dates and times.

The tracks are not open any other time, so please DO NOT go around the fences and use it without permission. There are signs around the area clearly stating this.

There is no charge to drive during scheduled times. Liability waivers are required. Bring your own table, chair, and extension cords if you’re charging.

This area will not be maintained like our old off-road track. It’s a basher area, an informal place to gather and run our outdoor cars and enjoy our pastime.

The crawler area will be improved, but … we learned (the hard way) that some of the best rock formations in the country are only a mile or two down the road from the mall.

We have power and water and can do a lot with this if we choose. There is a bandstand right above the track so we can have live music.

It’s a great way to spend a couple of nights a month and we look forward to seeing you.