15 Years!

On this day in 2007, a couple of racers bought out Toys 4 Bigboys and started RCHQ with the idea of doing something different.

There are thousands of stores that offer hobbyist a place to save time and money. Not us, we wanted to build a place where you can spend time and money. Isn’t that after all the essence of what hobbies are?

Whether it’s enjoying quiet time alone, or getting involved in a group, spending time to voluntarily engage in pleasurable activities is good for us. It’s what we’re all about! We have done our best to provide a place where people can gather and experience the awesome people of our community.

Over the last 15 years, we have started countless people out in our pastime and done our absolute best to support each and every one of you. We’ve made so many friends.. lost some too. We’ve partied, laughed, cried, loved, buried, raced, and built relationships that will last a lifetime. All the while experiencing the best and worst that life throws at us. Together.

As retail has evolved, holding on to our tradition of the value of customer service, personal engagement, and providing venues and activities has been difficult. It takes a lot of time, time spent outside of our core business of retailing. Our own suppliers and manufacturers have become our largest competitors as they aggressively pursue the dollar and commoditize our industry. Yep, it sucks… bad. Many people don’t know that I came from the tech world. I left it behind so I could do something real, live, and meaningful. I’ve accomplished that many, many times over.

On this day, I’d like to take a moment to pause and reflect on what is ahead for RCHQ this Holiday Season. We’ll see 3rd generation customers, old friends will stop in to visit and get their RCs operational again, and we will meet new and great new customers. I’ll watch Eliott, Phil, Matt, Fern, Garth, Doug, Clint, Alonzo, Claudia, Robert, James, Melinda, Patrick, and Benny helping people in this wonderful time of giving. I wish each of you could hang out for one day and just watch, it’s magic.

Thank you to everyone that has ever walked through our doors and supported us through the years. I am truly grateful.